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Kaliningrad area

Kaliningrad area is situated on the south-east side of Baltic Sea and is the westernmost region of Russian Federation, which is totally separated from the rest part of country’s territory by land boundaries of foreign countries and by international sea waters.

Kaliningrad area  —

is one of the most beautiful regions of Russia. Even in the beginning of XX century the health resorts, which are situated in this territory, had already been very popular among European aristocracy. The nature has richly endowed this land with scenically attractive landscape and unique health improving resources.

Sea, sand beaches, coniferous forests, mineral waters, therapeutic mud — these nature’s gifts are used by Kaliningrad citizens for their benefit and for the benefit of area guests. Kaliningrad area borders with Lithuania in the north and east, and with Poland in the south. 140-km coast in the west is washed by Baltic sea, which forms two bays: Curonian Lagoon (1,6 ths.km²) and Vistula Lagoon — the Russian part of Vistula Bay (0,5 ths.km²).

These Bays are separated from the Sea by narrow land strips — Curonian Spit (48 km belong to Kaliningrad area) and Baltic Spit – Russian part of Vistula Spit (65 km).

Total area with bays is 15,1 ths. km², land is 13,3 ths.km². Kaliningrad is connected with open sea by shipway (built in the beginning of XX century). Maximum length of the area from East to West is 195 km, from North to South is 110 km.